Propecia Reviews


I am drinking Propecia for more than two years and
I am happy with the results. My hair has become much darker and
thicker, and within 6 months the sprouts of new real hair had appeared.
It is a really dependable treatment with no side effects.

Andrew, 30


If there are problems with hair – Propecia is
just what you need. There seem to be lots of good and effective
preparations to overcome alopecia, and have tried almost all
of them. None actually worked. They simply pulled money out
of my pocket. Then I have found this preparation.

I want to mention that it will not help you immediately, for it is
simply impossible! Do not trust such advertisements. Protecia begins to
show results in 3 months with a constant bettering of the results. Firstly,
the hair loss slows down and then comes to a full stop. Secondly, new hair
begins to grow again. It will not fall out even when you stop the course
of treatment with this medication. Besides, I haven’t noticed any adverse
effects, though they may occur in some cases. But they are not serious.

So, don’t waste your time on seeking other medications. Propecia
is exactly what will help you.

Kevin, 27


I am taking Propecia for two years already, and I’m completely
satisfied with its work. My hair stopped to fall out, and in some 3 months
I have noticed new hair growing in the areas, which I thought were lost
forever. I’m very happy with this preparation.

Tyler, 33


If you use Propecia daily for 3 months or more, you will receive
a very positive effect – the hair fall slows down and then begins to grow
again. After 6 months of this course I have observed new hair again
sprouting instead of the lost. And it’s just some fluff, but real hair.

Henry, 29


I am drinking Propecia for about half a year. I drink one
tablet in each day. A have androgenic alopecia. This drug helped me
a lot. My hair does not fall so as it had been before. I will
continue to take Propecia to achieve a better result.

Patrice, 35


Using Protectia I have noticed very good results. Hair loss
has stopped completely, the hair has become much thicker. And I’m sure
this is not just a thickening of hair, but also an increase, because
now I can see the hair in places where none had existed before.

The results appear after a long period of time and I appreciate it very
positively, because in my case the hair density has increased to the point that
I used to 6 years ago, and now again I can do hair, which I could not allow for
a long time.

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