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Propecia (Finasteride) – a modern drug that has appeared
not so long ago on the markets, but has already received a lot of
positive reviews. The therapy with this drug is the most accessible
form of combat of hair loss, along with such approaches to treatment
as laser therapy and hair transplantation. Propecia was approved by
the European Medicines Agency, and was recommended by the Office for
quality control of food and medicines in the USA, confirmed the clinical
effectiveness and dependability of this medication. This medication is
revolutionary effective and enjoys a great success. It effectually excludes
the troubles with alopecia. The efficiency of this unique therapy is much
higher than other medication of the same action. The enormous number of
different clinical researchments has proved the drug’s dependability and
thus, it has a constant growth of popularity.

The product is available for customers from Canada.

Admission Regulations

As a rule, men with hair loss often have sensitivity to a testosterone
transformer – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It squeezes the hair follicles and
they become shorter and thinner, and then completely stop growing. The main
advantage of these tablets is that they contain a sufficient amount of the
androgenic hormone finasteride, which is involved in the synthesis of the
cells of hair follicles.

The development of DHT hormone begins to be blocked straight away after
the start of treatment. However, the damaged hair follicles need time to
restore normal operation. Even healthy hair grows very slowly, somewhere
along the 1 cm per month, so to replace thinning hair and produce visible
improvements the required time of this therapy is for several months.
Therefore, Propecia should be taken for a daily course of three months,
or longer. In most occasions, the therapy lasts for twelve month. Untimely
termination of therapy can often be accompanied by relapses, it is better
to tune in to a long and successful treatment of baldness.

If you miss a dosage, just skip this day and continue the treatment
at the initial dosage. Unwarranted increase in dose is unacceptable,
since it increases the risk of side effects. Gradually you will notice
improvement, but after about six months will see the newly re-grown hair
healthy, that will return a young and fresh look.

Side Effects

Propecia alopecia

The medical tests of this preparation have shown that side effects
occur rarely or almost never at all. About 0.5% of patients had had
such side effects:

  • reduction of libido;
  • troubles with receiving an erection;
  • reduction of sperm amount;
  • blurred vision;
  • skin rash;
  • dizziness;
  • headaches.

All side effects completely disappear after the patients stop the usage of the preparation.


It mustn’t be taken:

  • by children and women who are in a position;
  • by people who are sensitive to any component of the preparation;
  • by men with liver disease and kidney;
  • by men with prostate disease;
  • if you have an allergic reaction.


It enjoys positive results in restoring of hair in the most problematic
areas – the crown and the frontal bald patches. The clinical trials had shown
that the amount of hair of patients remained the same or increased, and in 66%
of cases a significant number of new hair had replaced the fallen. Of course,
the results naturally differ by all patients. But they have given a fine
stability, because the minimal results prove that patients do not lose the
hair they had had at the beginning of the cure and many who experience the
growth of new hair.

Remember! Propecia cures “only” androgenic alopecia. It is not
supposed to cure other forms of hair loss.

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